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Kendal Castle

From Sedbergh the nearest “larger” town is Kendal, which is well worth a visit. Often referred to as “the old grey town”, this is because so many of the building are constructed using the Lake District’s local slate. The town’s name is a shortening of “Kent-dale”. The River Kent is shown here as it enters Kendal after flowing down from the Kentmere valley through Staveley and Burneside.

On the hill above the town stands the castle, or at least its remaining ruins. This is not a castle in which to explore luxuriously appointed rooms. There’s not a lot of it left, but once it was occupied by the Parr family. They are probably best known for sixteenth century Queen Katherine Parr, one of Henry VIII’s wives, the one that managed to survive him.

Kendal castle may be a shadow of its former self, although well maintained, but it’s a pleasant walk up the hill. You can gaze around at the surrounding countryside while the kids play around the ruins. Here is a view looking over the town toward Burneside and Kentmere.

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